Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tokyo Trip Part 5 - Disneyland X DisneySea Day 3

Alright, I was a little plain on Day 1 and 2 but not Day 3 anymore! Guess what? We got a Mickey Robe, LOL. All set and let's go~

Then I realized that it was actually quite hot with the robe on.

We rode on the Disney Resort Cruiser (a bus that takes guests from hotel to the station) to the Disney Resort Line.

Look look! Why so happening over there? Oh my god, look at the line.

Only then I found out we got a big star over there! Mickey in the tracker suit!

Perfect spot for the kids on a Summer day.

Perfect spot for us on a Summer day. The Tower of Terror~!

Warning! Long story short, Ride if you Dare. Say No if you Afraid.

First thing we did that day was to get a FastPass for Tower of Terror. A fast pass was a pass which we could book the time to ride a attraction (time is fixed by the system). It cut down the waiting a lot. However, only limited number available. They ran out of the fast pass on Day 2, that's why we left this attraction until Day 3.

As you could see. We gotta come back for the ride during 6.10pm-7.10pm, else the tickets would be voided.



We should know when we came back later. Hehehe. After we finished our first mission, we started walking around the theme park, looking for unexplored places.

New York Deli - look at the Mile Long Sandwich on the billboard. 

The very awesome Tower of Terror. It would be nice if we still had this old style hotel around.

The Mexican Band at the riverside restaurant at Lost River Delta.

Spotted, Mickey Hood!

We were in Mermaid Lagoon again. She just couldn't get enough.

The ice cream stall - Mermaid Style.

Arabian Coast

Some walls from Rome. LOL


Gosh! It's so freaking heavy! I needed help from Hercules to move this! Alright kinda lame, stop it KY.

Opps~ The unexplored area on Day 1.

Hey~ Ho~ Mickey Robe for sale~~

Oh my god~ There's a pretty angel at the study.

They got an old school telephone too in the shop.

Awhile later, we ran into Pinocchio!

I did not remember his name but he was from Pinocchio too.

Check out the volcano!

We were almost done in DisneySea. In fact the main purpose in DisneySea on Day 3 was to challenge Tower of Terror~

We then went to Maihama Station for a short walk, there were some shops / boutique there that Vic wanted to check out. After that, we took another route to Disneyland and entered from another entrance.

Dropped by a "hidden" Mickey Shop. It was quite big and complete with many souvenirs.

Oh, a big story book!

We missed this on the first day. This could be found at the entrance of every Disneyland in fact.

Donald Duck!

Who is this?? Wolf Robin Hood?

The crowd pleaser - Mickey Mouse.

Never failed to attract crowd huh?

Pinocchio's father. Why were you in Disneyland? Your lovely son was waiting for you at DisneySea. =p

Welcome once again people.

Our first Mission in Disneyland was to get the Reserve Ticket for the night show - Midsummer Night's Panic! And guess what? The way to get the ticket was from Lottery.

And there we went to the Lottery Room and TaDa! We were lucky enough! Row E, it was the front row!

Next, explore the unexplored. Toon Town!

Goofy was out of town!

Donald Duck's house.

Chip n' Dale - one of my favourite cartoon!

They lived on the tree. Duh~

Mickey's private limousine.

You could meet Mickey at his house but the queue was real long!

And this was Minnie's.

Toon Town with Toon Foods.

The Piggy Bank.

Overview of Toon Town.

Interesting enough. Each town got mineral water in its own theme.

Cinderella Castle.

Inside the Castle, there's a shop - Cinderella Crystal Slipper Shop that sells crystal and glass souvenirs, all very neat and nice.

Dream of many girls.

A demo of how these fine works were done. His skills were pretty cool.

What's Snow White doing outside the Cinderella Castle?

Right after that, we went to look for a spot for the Day Parade.

The Princesses were all so beautiful!

The Lion King

Lilo and Stitch were the Stars of Summer.

More pictures of the Parade on Vic's and My Facebook profile.

After the Parade. We rushed back to the courtyard of the Castle for the water splashing event - Cool the Heat! Gotta do some safeguard my bag first. We asked for big plastic bag from the store to "wrap" the backpack. LOL

C'mon! Let's COOL the HEAT!

You catch a glimpse of what happen at Cool the heat here They got a very clear view!

After that we went for a little shopping and then back to DisneySea for Tower of Terror!

Inside the Hotel Hightower was super creepy with the dim light and the creepy sound effects. All we could see was an old abandoned hotel with the hotel owner - Harrison Hightower III's antique collections. After the queue. We entered into a hall where the story of Hightower was showcasted:

After his expedition to Africa, Hightower brought home an idol by the name of Shiriki Utundu. He claimed that the natives were very unhappy to part with their beloved god and threatened him that it would curse him. On December 31, 1899, Hightower held a huge party, attended by many members of the press. There he boasted about how great he was for taking the idol and denied any claims to it being cursed and even went so far as to insult it. He even used the idols head to put out his cigarette. Around midnight, he entered the elevator to retire to his quarters at the top of the hotel. As the elevator neared the top, Shiriki Utundu came to life. The idol zapped him and the elevator, causing it to drop and crash at the bottom. When the elevator was finally pried open, only Hightower's hat and the idol were found. The hotel was then abandoned and left for many years, claimed by the locals to be haunted. 

Unlike any other, this free fall tower brought us back to 1899 inside the elevator with simulation of the story behind the mysterious disappearance of Hightower. Inside, it was all dark. The elevator slowly brought us to the top where we could see how high we were through a broken window and when as the green light stroke, the elevator fell!! Half way through, we saw Shiriki Utundu and it fell again follwing his evil grin~

This was definitely the best ride in Tokyo Disneyland, apart from Indiana Jones! We missed 2 main rides - The StromRider and the Journey to the Center of the Earth (both under maintenance) but I thought, Tower of Terror made up the experience! Words couldn't describe the excitement. LOL. It was Genius Fun!

After Tower of Terror, we went back to Disneyland again for the Midsumme Night's Panic! It was hosted by Lilo and Stitch with plenty of dance and fun with the water splash! It started with just Lilo and Stitch then other Disney characters joined them for a dance. It was very fun with the song, light, water and fireworks!

Again, I share the YouTube link with you as we didn't take any photos. Check it out!

After the show. We ended our day / our Magic-filled Adventure at Tokyo Disneyland with souvenir shopping at the biggest store in Disneyland.

With 3 huge bag of souvenirs, we finally waved GoodBye to Tokyo Disneyland. See you soon~

...End of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Magic-filled Trip...

OMG. I so miss Tokyo Disneyland now.